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The very model of a modern quackademic

I have to admit a new guilty pleasure: Tucker Carlson. I don’t actually watch FOX News, but I do watch YouTube clips in which he skillfully eviscerates dumb liberals, hack reporters and lying politicians. If you find yourself explaining something to Tucker Carlson and you see this expression on his face, you are……

The bottomless pit of reparations

Georgetown professor and inciter of racial division and hatred Michael Eric Dyson is decidedly at odds with Martin Luther King’s belief that “A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.”

Mr. Dyson says the “greatest purveyors of identity politics today, and……

Corporate media won’t tell the truth about the “innocent victims”

By now you should be aware that the corporate mainstream media deliberately refuses to cover stories about white people killed by police. This is especially suspicious, as there are actually more white people killed by police each year than black people. If you don’t believe that, you aren’t supposed to…….

The phony war on blacks

In the wake of last week’s events, it is hard to know what to think anymore.

Both the shootings, particularly the one in Falcon Heights, look like they may have been staged. Then there is the curious change in the narrative of the Dallas police shooting, from multiple shooters, to two snipers,……