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Japan votes for destruction

On Sunday, July 10th, Japanese citizens voted for the destruction of their country.

Currently, Japan is a nation crippled by failed policies implemented by feckless leaders determined to take the country over the edge and into the abyss. The outcome of this election, which overwhelmingly supports the status quo, gave the Liberal……

Today Europe…tomorrow Japan?

There are numerous indications Japan will be inundated with immigrants in the coming years. The same problems seen in Europe today are coming to Japan in the near future. There are several reasons why I think this will happen.

Declining population
First and foremost: Japan’s low birth rate. This is one of……

Can you keep a secret?

According to a Reuters article, “the upper house of Japan’s parliament late on Friday [Dec. 6, 2013] approved the state secrets act, which toughens penalties for leaks and broadens the definition of official secrets, despite protests by thousands of demonstrators near parliament and criticism from a broad swathe of media and……