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How the Left convinced me they’re right

I guess it was the forceful persuasiveness of the Left that finally changed my mind. And by forceful persuasiveness, I mean angry screaming and violent protesting. You can only hear yourself called a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, hate-filled Nazi so many times before you think “well, I suppose they’re right.”

I admit, in……

The good news about SJWs

I must be a glutton for punishment, because for the past few days I have spent way too much time watching SJW videos on YouTube like this:

What was even more disturbing, was discovering the SJW blight is not limited to the United States. Here……

Don’t appropriate me, bro!

When I see social justice warriors (SJW) pontificating and throwing temper tantrums, I can’t help but think they must never have traveled or spent an extended period of time living in other countries, speaking a second language or struggling to adapt and survive outside their cultural context.

In my experience, traveling to……