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Racist is a made-up word

“Racist” is a spell-word used to entrance our mind and control our behavior. It works by instilling fear and shame. Thus, the only way it can control us is if we give into fear and allow ourselves to be shamed. If fear is born of ignorance, then knowledge is the source of true power. Armed……

Endangered species

Native Europeans and the European diaspora around the globe have been marked for extinction. Our homelands are being overrun by an invading army. There is an all out war being waged against us, but most cannot see it. Many refuse to even acknowledge it.

Those who aim to destroy European people claim we have no culture…….

My thoughts on Charlottesville

If anyone out there was still laboring under the apprehension that the corporate media can be trusted, the news coverage of the “Unite the Right” (UTR) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is definitive proof that the corporate media……