It appears #TakeAKnee is having the unintended effect of waking up more than a few White sportsball fans from their slumber/stupor. White America is finally realizing that many of the Black athletes they worship, Black men whose names are on the back of the overpriced jerseys they proudly wear in a display of support and identification with the corporate pseudo-tribe of their choosing, actually have nothing but contempt for White Americans, their culture and their traditions.

Now, if only these angry White fans would realize that nearly all advertising, television programming and Hollywood movies are just as openly hostile toward White America as are the overpaid athletes they love to obsess over. And not just the media, the same goes for academia and even the U.S. government. All these entities openly condemn explicit Whiteness, which is labeled White supremacist and Nazi.

When Black athletes unite and identify as a racial group with common interests, it is “brave” and “powerful.” When White people do it, they are called racist.

In this spiritually bereft and morally bankrupt world, we are desperate to belong somewhere, to be part of something meaningful. This is because tribal groups (up to 150 people) are the natural communal unit for humans. Large cities made of concrete, steel and glass filled with nameless strangers are cold and hostile environments driving despair and depression. Sports fans love to talk about their team in terms of “we” and “us.” But there is no “we.” Sports fans do not play on the team and they are not involved in any aspect of the games they place so much importance on.

Taking pride in something you did not achieve is absurd and childish. Sports fans live vicariously through the efforts and achievements of their favorite teams and players. They identify with them and look up to them. At least, they did up till now.

Corporate-run professional sports are meant to fill a human need that only real tribal associations, actual participation in real communities and personal achievements can fulfill. Because sports are a proxy for tribe, they can never fulfill these needs. Fans are always buying the latest team merchandise, choosing new favorite players and even switching team allegiances in an effort to feel that they are part of something important and meaningful. Fulfillment appears to lie in the next big game, the next purchase of new merchandise, but this is an illusion. It will always remain just out of reach, leaving us wanting for more.

Honestly, what do sports fans gain from sitting around watching rich and famous athletes play a game? Sports are a distraction and a drain on your time, energy and money. Fans can even be so rabid, they will fight each other to defend the honor of their team, something they are not inclined to do when it comes to defending their country’s borders, culture, history or traditions.

Professional sports exists primarily because it is a for-profit business. It is also a major part of the bread and circuses that distract our focus from what is truly important and keep us pacified and ignorant. The system that controls our lives is so powerful and all-encompassing that it is nearly impossible to overcome. However, there is one simple way we can make a stand: Do not watch sports. Do not buy tickets. Do not purchase sports merchandise.

If Black players want to take a knee during the national anthem, let them. A real man stands up on his own two feet and takes action. Only the weak kneel in protest.

Personally, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.