The Berlin truck attack and assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey appear to have been staged. I base this opinion on repeated viewing of the raw footage available from both events. I have not followed any of the mainstream news coverage on either event, and have only seen a limited amount of analysis from non-mainstream perspectives.

First, with respect to the Berlin truck attack, the truck itself is suspiciously immaculate. This brings to mind the Nice truck attack, and in both cases, neither truck shows any sign of having run down dozens of people. Note that these kinds of trucks are extremely low to the ground. Not only should we see at least some blood, hair and other gore on the grill, front tires or wheel wells of the truck, but the street should be stained red, strewn with dead and injured bodies, chunks of flesh, etc. Yet this is not what we saw in Nice, nor is it what we see in Berlin.

Using sheep as a proxy for human beings, here is the aftermath of a truck plowing into a crowd of people on a roadway:

Here is another video of a truck, comparable in size to the Nice and Berlin attacks, which has plowed into a herd of sheep on a roadway:

We are told that the Nice truck attack killed 86 people and injured 434 more. Yet the video above demonstrates that plowing into a crowd that large can cause the bodies to pile up underneath the truck. And in Berlin, 12 were killed and 56 were injured. How is it that a truck can plow into a crowd of people without leaving any evidence of death or injury? Where is the blood?

In the following video, taken immediately after the truck drove into the Christmas market, notice that there are no bodies, no injured or dead and no blood stains on the ground, which we would expect to see given the above sheep accident videos. Where is the screaming and crying of injured victims and their families? Moreover, notice the people casually walking around, unhurriedly going about their business, checking out kiosks and shopping. Do they look like they just witnessed a horrific terrorist attack?

Next, we are presented with the following video allegedly showing the truck drive into the Christmas market. It’s difficult to tell if that is actually what we are seeing. Note that six people can be seen running away (right side of screen) after the truck appears, although this hardly constitutes proof of a terrorist attack. Is it possible that this is the only dashcam video available? And why don’t we see any smartphone videos of the truck plowing into the market?

Turning to the Russian ambassador assassination, once again there is a suspicious lack of blood in an all-white art gallery. There are lots of people standing around watching, filming and photographing the raving shooter, who repeatedly points his gun at them. Is this what you would do if you saw someone gunned down right in front of you?

When someone is shot several times at point blank range, blood squirts and splatters everywhere. See for yourself:

The Russian ambassador was shot at least eight times, yet we see no exit wounds and no pool of blood flowing from his body. This is what we would expect to see:

The entire assassination video feels contrived, it is reminiscent of the WDBJ reporter allegedly shot live on air. Both appear to be totally staged.

Were there no armed security or police in that room? Why was the shooter allowed to rant and wave a gun around for so long? It looks like he was posing for the cameras to achieve maximum effect.

One of the most curious artifacts from this event is this picture, apparently taken outside the art gallery as just after the shooting:

I challenge you to find this window in any of the footage inside the gallery. Where, exactly, was the shooter in this photo? And who was standing outside, ready to take this picture? How did they even know to look up? This picture is highly suspect, in my opinion.

Disturbing conclusions
The fact that the Berlin truck attacker had been on the German intelligence radar as a potential terrorist, who was then able to flee to Italy despite a massive EU-wide manhunt, makes Angela Merkel look very bad indeed. For an increasingly unpopular and controversial politician facing reelection in 2017, this all but ensures she will not be reelected as Chancellor. Merkel has been one of the main drivers behind the forced immigration of mostly young men from the Middle East and Africa, so the fact that the truck attacker was a Tunisian migrant gives those who oppose her policies a massive weapon to wield against her.

If the Berlin truck attack was staged, some elements of the German government would have to be involved. Perhaps the objective is to ensure Merkel not be reelected?

There is no shortage of real events, including rapes, robberies and murders, committed by immigrants in Germany, yet these are often covered up by the police and kept out of mainstream media coverage. So why on Earth would the German authorities stage a fake terrorist attack that makes the Chancellor and her policies look this bad?

It only makes sense if the desired outcome is to elect someone other than Merkel, perhaps someone who vows to curtail or even reverse the flow of migrants into Germany. Maybe someone who wants to Make Germany Great Again…?

As I have said many times before, elections are not free, nor are they democratic. They are carefully scripted events designed to function as either a steam valve that releases pressure, or as a means of ratcheting up pressure in society. Both aims can be achieved when societies are deeply divided, as is the case in the United States and Germany, where citizens are at odds over the immigration question and other issues.

Although I was initially pleased that the UK decided to leave the EU, I am now wondering if this was actually by design, rather than the unexpected result of a populist movement. The same goes for the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Not only do these developments placate a large segment of the population who are unhappy with the direction their country is taking, they also have a polarizing effect, resulting in the antifa/SJW/BLM protests and other civil unrest currently plaguing the US and UK.

Are we being lulled into a false sense of hope? Are the elites setting us up for a coup de grâce? I think we will find out the answer to that question in 2017.

For me, the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey is more troubling. Up to now, I have held on to a small glimmer of hope: that Russia, led by Vladimir Putin, was a voice of sanity in a room full of screaming psychopaths. I have admired the thoughtful restraint of Putin and the Russian government despite repeated and escalating provocations by the United States. Like many people, I assumed that the only reason we are not already engaged in a hot war with Russia is because Russia is doing everything it can to prevent that from happening.

So what are we to make of what appears to be the faked assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey? As with the Berlin truck attack, elements within the Russian government would have to be complicit in staging this event. If they weren’t, they would have quickly exposed the shooting as a hoax. In my opinion, this leads to only two conclusions.

First, Russia engages in the same kind of staged/false flag events as the United States, which makes them no better, no more trustworthy, than the traitorous elites that run the Obama administration and the U.S. intelligence agencies. Russia is not our last, best hope for peace and freedom.

On the other hand, it is also possible that Russia and the U.S. are simply pretending to be on the verge of WWIII. Perhaps the same globalist elites are in control of both countries, and everything we are shown as “real news” in the mainstream media is, in the words of David Icke, nothing more than a movie. It is all made up, and we are being manipulated, conditioned and socially engineered to accept the globalist agenda (i.e., a cashless, stateless, borderless world ruled by a technocratic one world government, banking system, etc.). To paraphrase the title of a popular YouTube documentary, everything is a rich man’s trick.

For what it’s worth, my money is on the second scenario. The staged assassination has opened my eyes. There is no such thing as “us and them,” there are no good guys and bad guys. There are only the globalist elites and everyone else. As George Carlin said, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

The way this small cabal of overlords defeats the masses is by having us kill each other. This method has been employed throughout history. All wars are banker’s wars. Jingoism drives men to kill and die for powerful elite who watch from the safety of their bunkers. Conservative nationalists and liberal socialists are being conditioned to hate (and soon kill) one another. The entire world is being turned against White people where ever they exist. Forced immigration of third world Muslims into Western countries is aimed at tearing apart Western societies. If the native Europeans fight back, they will be called Nazis and racists, justifying the claims that they really are the source of all the hate and intolerance in the world, as purported by the liberal left. However, if the native Europeans do not fight back, everything they have built over millennia will be overrun and destroyed. Whites will become hated and hunted minorities in their traditional homelands.

We are being herded like sheep into a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario that is not going to end well for anyone. The phony Berlin truck attack and Russian ambassador assassination are just two moves on a psyop chessboard that most people are unable or refuse to see right under their feet.

Hold on tight, 2017 promises to be a wild ride.