Election 2016 is over and although president-elect Trump has yet to be inaugurated, I already have a sense of dread about the next four years.

I did not vote because I refuse to support the lesser of two evils. I was overjoyed that Hillary Clinton lost, and particularly pleased with all the trauma her defeat has inflicted on the brain-dead leftists and vile cultural Marxists who are ready to march us all right over the cliff. I am far more sympathetic to those who supported Trump and especially their reasons for supporting him: they want a populist president who has their best interests in mind. That being said, I am not optimistic about what the impending Trump presidency has in store for the United Sates.

After the 2008 election in which Obama ran on the cynical platform of hope and change, then delivered on none of his promises, I thought many Americans had woken up to the scam. After eight long years of the disastrous Obama regime, I thought more people had become aware of how the game really works. Yet, the Deep State once again fooled mainstream America with a phony savior promising more hope and change.

One of the most glaring examples of the cognitive dissonance was how Trump was described as an “outsider” compared to career politicians mired in the DC swamp of corruption. The fact that he is a billionaire real estate developer somehow made him appear more credible to the eyes of many middle Americans. His celebrity and wealth is evidence that he can get shit done and win. Clearly, he is entitled to grab a few pussies now and then. That just goes with the territory.

Most importantly, many Trump supporters saw their vote as a giant “fuck you” to the status quo. Yet it seems never to have occurred to many of these voters that Donald Trump is the status quo. He is no more an outsider than Hillary Clinton. After all, hasn’t Trump been friends with and financially supported Billary since doing so became a wise investment? You see, when you want to build a casino, or level a city block and put up a cheesy hotel, there is going to be a lot of push back and ultimately politics become a factor. Money only gets you so far.

Real estate development involves construction, which has always been intimately connected to corruption, graft and organized crime. Real estate development also requires lots of money and insurance. Insurance and banking are two of the biggest scams going in our modern world. You also need a lot of legal help to get major development projects across the finish line. About 40% of current Congress members are lawyers, as are president Obama and Hillary Clinton. Not exactly a great argument for the credibility of lawyers.

It’s safe to assume that in his career as a real estate development mogul, Donald Trump has relied upon, been indebted to and sought the favor of banks, insurance companies, lawyers and politicians. Certainly, far more than someone who teaches fourth grade or plays in an orchestra. So is he really an “outsider”? Is he really such a stranger to the power plays, spheres of influence, overt aggression, subterfuge and dirty stabs in the back prevalent in the world of politics? I doubt it.

Most celebrity-worshiping daydreamers see fame and wealth as lending some kind of legitimacy to people like Trump, but they may fail to consider that achieving fame, wealth and power is only half the battle. It is holding on to it that is the real trick. People will do almost anything to stay at the the top of the shit heap, even lie, cheat, steal or kill, if necessary. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Although I never watched The Apprentice, anyone who did would have surely realized that Donald Trump did not get to where he is today by being thoughtful, compassionate and egalitarian. Those qualities get you nowhere in the world of business, especially in New York City. Donald Trump is the kind of man who looks for his opponents’ weaknesses, then exploits them. He doesn’t bother with pretenses like kindness, he locks onto his target and goes in for the kill.

I have stated all along that Donald Trump does nothing that isn’t primarily in his best interest. When he says he wants to make America great again, when he says he loves America, what he is really saying is that he loves the corrupt system of bankers, insurance companies, lawyers and politicians that have made his life so YUGE. In other words, he is all about protecting and perpetuating the status quo. He has no intention of making life better for the average Americans who voted for him. This is all about doing better for The Donald. Period.

I have speculated that perhaps Trump was made an offer by the Deep State that he couldn’t refuse. Maybe his business was about to implode, or maybe he is so compromised that they used the dirt they have on him to co-opt him as a Deep State puppet. I don’t know the specifics, but I strongly suspect something like this is going on behind the scenes. The United States of America is a corporation. Donald Trump is merely the president, who serves at the discretion of the Board of Directors (a.k.a. the Deep State).

The Deep State are globalists whose ultimate aim is to destroy America, which is the last bastion of freedom on the planet, to bring about a one world government. Since before I was born, the U.S. government has been captured and controlled by wealthy elites who run the military-industrial complex. This includes the corporations that manufacture weapons and other government contractors. Most of these corporations are public companies listed on a stock exchange, and if you go to the Investor Relations section of their websites, you can see who their major shareholders are. In most every case, banks are the biggest shareholders in any given corporation. This means that banks own and control corporations, because as Donald Trump certainly knows, without credit commerce would collapse.

Up to now, the government has been covertly controlled by corporations. This is why we have GMOs, nuclear power plants and zero internet privacy instead of organic nutrient-dense food, sustainable/renewable energy and a Constitution that actually limits government the way it was intended. Governmental regulatory agencies ostensibly tasked with protecting U.S. citizens, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission, have been totally captured by the industries they are supposed to be regulating.

There is a revolving door policy at work here, where regulatory heads retire to private sector jobs in the industry they were regulating, and new regulatory heads are appointed from the very private sector companies being regulated. This is problematic because the regulators are in this way able to ensure that the industry they came from will always be treated favorably and never punished. They also ensure industry lobbyists always have access to government personnel who they can bribe, or maybe offer some hookers and cocaine, to ensure a Congressional vote benefits corporations or industries.

For example, when the Securities and Exchange Commission decides to investigate a hedge fund or investment bank for potentially fraudulent activities, they first contact the target of the investigation to inform them that an investigation is pending. The financial institution will typically offer to simply pay a fine in lieu of the investigation, without admitting involvement or guilt in any fraudulent behavior. In fact, most corporations and financial institutions set aside huge reserves of cash specifically for situations just like this. And if there is no investigation, there is no way to bring illegal activities to light and no one will be punished. This enables the illegal activity to continue with impunity.

The election of Donald Trump heralds the end of covert corporate control of the government. It is is no longer hidden. Simply look at the cabinet appointments announced so far, and it is obvious that we are getting the same globalist, neoliberal traitors under Trump as we did under Obama, Dubya and Bill Clinton. A few are even the same kind of people Hillary Clinton would have appointed, and that is a major indicator that the Deep State is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Corporate control is really banker control, since ultimately these self-described “masters of the universe” who claim they are “doing God’s work” are our true overlords. Consider this rogues’ gallery:

Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation (former employee of Bank of America and Citicorp, Labor Secretary under Dubya for eight years)
Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Treasury (billionaire globalist, former employee of Goldman Sachs and Soros Management Fund)
Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce (vulture capitalist, former employee of Rothschild & Co.’s bankruptcy advisory business)
Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff (neoliberal)
Steve Bannon, Chief White House Strategist (“libertarian” neoliberal)
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General (expansionist neoliberal who opposed McCain bill banning torture)
Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary (neoliberal who wants to privatize Medicare)
Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary (neoliberal who wants to privatize Medicare)
Betsy DeVos, Education Secretary (Amway pyramid scheme billionaire neoliberal who wants to privatize Dept. of Education)

Any of these folks sound like populist outsiders to you?

If Trump appoints Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, this will be even more evidence of Deep State manipulation and control. For all his Mormon family values and perfect hair, Romney is also a vulture capitalist who made his fortune by acquiring companies, stripping them of their assets and destroying them, putting thousands of people out of work in the process. Romney was allowed to run against Obama in 2012 because there was no chance in hell he would win. The Deep State wanted to be sure Obama got his second term, as planned.

The U.S. government is not only subservient to and controlled by powerful corporations, it is itself, a corporation. Corporations are subservient to and controlled by powerful banks. There is a banking hierarchy, with commercial and investment banks dominated by central banks, central banks dominated by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and at the top of the banking cartel is the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. That is a lot of fucking useless bankers! And they want everything we’ve got. That’s one goal behind their war on cash. But (((who))) controls banking?

So buckle up America, prepare for more of the same, only worse. It’s all down hill from here.