As much as I dislike most of the music of the 1980s—despite the sentimental effect it has on me—it appears this was the last decade of anything new on the American music scene. In the 1990s, we began to see a rehashing of what had come before. In the 2000s, rap versions of classic hits began to pop up, and no-talent commercialized hacks began issuing covers that were described by the young and naïve as “better than the original.” Some ignoramuses even go as far as to mistake the original version of a song as a poor cover of the newer version.

This trend can be seen in movies as well. What started as film versions of old sitcoms like The Brady Bunch and cartoons like Scooby-Doo have now degenerated into a retelling of the same stories again and again (has anyone been able to keep up with all the Batman and Superman films in the past 30 years?). Even the latest episode of the Star Wars saga (Episode VII) is merely a retelling of Episode IV. Not that anyone under 30 years old will notice.

Like persistent turds circling aimlessly in a clogged toilet bowl, the incessant regurgitation of mediocre American pop culture may be a sign that the good old US of A may no longer have anything new or interesting to offer. This degenerative trend may signal the death of “culture” in the United States. Perhaps this is the logical conclusion of taking everything creative, artistic and meaningful and turning it into a for-profit “industry.”

At first, I thought this was simply the cynical manifestation of corporate greed: the music industry and Hollywood boosting profits by recycling cash cows of the past. However, it seems that much of this “re-boot” phenomenon has to do with historical revisionism driven by cultural Marxists who, led by scumbags like professor Noel Ignatiev, want to drive the white race—and white men in particular—out of existence.

What other reason can be provided for the advent of an all-female Ghostbusters, a non-white Nancy Drew or a black 007? Have you ever asked yourself: Why is this happening? Who asked for this? What need is this satisfying? Why is the past being replaced as opposed to creating new music, stories or characters reflecting the multicultural utopia we are being forced to march lock-stepped toward?

From pop music to films and television, nearly all entertainment formats today are thinly veiled vehicles for driving the “diversity” agenda. Diversity is a code word for “anti-white.” Don’t believe me? Try spending a few hours watching MTV these days, if you can stomach it.

What used to pass for entertainment in the United States is now weaponized anti-white propaganda intended to inculcate hatred of white people and induce “white guilt” among weak-minded white liberal “progressives.” There is nothing progressive about cultural suicide.

There has never been a better reason to get rid of your television set. But if you can’t find the courage to throw out your beloved idiot box, at least try to pay attention to the messages and overarching themes blatantly woven into what you are watching.