Given the ratio of retirees to workers in the U.S. is currently 2:1, I think an update of the Beatles song When I’m 64 is in order:

As I get older, unable to retire,
Many years from now,
Will you still be offering entitlements
Like Medicaid and Medicare or will it all be spent?

If I’d paid attention at twenty-three
I could have saved up for the end,
Will I be working or in a tent city lurking,
When I’m ninety-four?

Oohh [sigh]
You’ll be poorer too.
And if you’ve a place to stay,
Could I stay with you?

I can be handy if my body holds out
You can pay me minimum wage.
You can forget the benefits, I don’t mind
Just please employ me until I die.

Manual labor, undignified work,
Who could ask for more?
Without Social Security, I’ll work forever they’ve assured me,
Until I’m ninety-four.

Too broke to own, we have to rent a cottage
In the worst part of town, if it’s not too dear
Even though we scrimp and save
We’ll be living on our knees
Working ’til death like good debt slaves.

Sell me a dream, drop me a crumb,
I acquiesce to your point of view.
Let’s all pretend that we too will be rich someday
As we watch our children wasting away.

Can’t afford cancer, so I work three jobs,
Serving those with means.
Can I live in a cardboard box on the street without locks,
When I’m ninety-four?

Arghhh! [death rattle]