Mounting evidence suggests that the mass shootings/mass casualty events in the U.S. that have become almost a daily occurrence in recent years are either hoaxes, false flags or a combination of the two. Let’s start with a definition of those terms:

1. An act intended to deceive or trick.
2. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.

Hoaxes may involve actual injuries or death, but they are more often staged events passed off as real. This was almost certainly the case with Sandy Hook, the WDBJ news shootings and the 11/13 Paris attacks.

False flag
Covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. Historically, the term “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag as a ruse de guerre, before engaging the enemy, has long been accepted.

False flags involve real death and destruction, but are falsely blamed on lone gunman, a foreign military and religious extremists, as in the JFK assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the USS Liberty attack and of course, 9/11.

It appears that local, state and federal government/law enforcement agencies and the corporate media are colluding to stage mass shooting events, including those that allegedly occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, at Sandy Hook Elementary, at a Charleston church, live on Virginia’s WDBJ news , at a community college in Oregon and, most recently, in San Bernardino. One clue lies in the common threads running through all these events. We need to know what to look for:’s “10 ways to spot a false flag mass shooting”
1. Intense media coverage
2. No survivors
3. Family appears on TV within 24 hours, shows little emotion
4. Family or witnesses connected to the event have acting backgrounds
5. Participants in the hoax immediately blame guns, demand more gun control
6. Shooters have new social media accounts
7. Shooter commits suicide
8. Shooter leaves manifesto
9. Victim’s families don’t sue anyone for negligence, but receive millions in unsolicited federal payouts
10. Solution (i.e. gun control) wouldn’t have prevented the events

I would add one more item to this list: official training exercises held just prior to, or at the same time as, the shootings. The drills are especially important, since they can be used to either pass off a staged event as being real, or used as cover in case the event is exposed as contrived. After all, how many times in the past 15 years have we heard about drills that have “gone live”?

Drills make use of crisis actors and Hollywood-style special effects and makeup to ensure they are as realistic as possible. We need to view these events dispassionately and think critically to spot the difference between genuine grief and bad acting.

This begs the question: Wouldn’t it be easier/more believable/more effective to actually kill people by staging a false flag event? Why would whoever is behind these hoaxes go to such complicated extremes, risking exposure by involving unwitting crisis actors, using fake blood and presenting ballistic evidence that is obviously fake? If these events are staged, what exactly is the objective? Some may think this is simply “terrorist theater” to compel Americans to accept stricter gun controls or to give up guns altogether. I think these events are far more multifaceted than that. They are aimed at achieving command and control. I have compiled the following list outlining potential objectives of staged mass shootings. Each point illustrates a form of psychological or physical control aimed at manipulating our thoughts and actions. This list is not comprehensive, but I think it is a solid start:

1. Easier to control the narrative.
If an event is staged and crisis actors are used, this ensures there are no surviving witnesses to tell the truth or pesky family members of real victims demanding justice. In a staged event, everyone sticks to the script and plays their role, with the entire event being stage managed from start to finish. The media pushes the scripted narrative and provides a sense of authenticity to the story. The public’s emotions (fear, empathy, outrage) are manipulated, causing most to overlook or forget inconsistencies in the narrative or discrepancies in the details because their critical mind is no longer engaged.

2. Promote Islamophobia.
Clearly, this has been one of the primary objectives of false flags and hoaxes since 9/11. The message is clear: All Muslims are terrorists, Islam is evil. They hate us for our freedoms. This is a clash of civilizations. Be afraid.

3. Demonize white men.
As the cultural Marxists march across U.S. college campuses screaming about white privilege, and Black Lives Matter affiliates declare open season on white people, the U.S. government is fueling the fire by claiming “home grown extremists” to be the number one domestic threat. The message: All white men are racist and violent. They are all potential mass murderers. Their privilege and sense of entitlement makes them arrogant and callous. Terms like “conservative,” “right-wing,” “nationalist” and “gun nut” have become code words for crazy racist white men.

4. Establish mental health protocols.
This is promoted as a preventative measure, and will soon become law. Children will be screened and monitored from kindergarten. After all, we are supposed to believe that approximately one in five children and adolescents living in the United States has one or more mental, emotional, or behavioral health disorders.

5. Promote necessity and use of psychotropic drugs.
The objective here is to get as many people as possible on psychotropic drugs, while at the same time enacting gun control legislation that will prevent people taking these drugs from purchasing or legally owning guns. An unarmed population addled by poisonous and unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs are as docile and dumb as sheep, making us easy to manipulate and control.

6. Serve as a distraction.
Focusing exclusively on a fake news story keeps us from noticing what important, real news is happening elsewhere. President Obama was about to release his long-form birth certificate when Osama bin Laden was killed. The U.S. government shutdown in 2013 made everyone quickly forget about the failed attempt to rally allied countries in an unprovoked attack on Syria based on false allegations of chemical weapons. This is the classic bait and switch. Also, notice that these staged shootings tend to happen mid-week, ensuring the event will stay top of mind by keeping it front and center in the news cycle going into the weekend.

7. Ratchet up the fear.
This is the main objective of the corporate news generally. As any advertiser knows, sex and death sell. We are easier to manipulate and control if we are kept in constant state of fear. Nearly everything in society is driven by fear, from social interactions to deodorant purchases to the debt cycle.

8. Monitor public reaction.
The authorities watch how news of these events spread via social media, internet comments, etc. This provides psychological insight and feedback that can be used in subsequent psyops. Each event is a learning experience that reveals more of our weaknesses.

9. Ramp up the police state.
As our fear and anxiety increases, we will demand increased security and protection—at increasingly higher costs. Has the TSA stopped any would-be terrorists? No, not even once. Do you think the police have “to serve and protect” in mind when they acquire MRAPs, military-grade armor and tactical assault weapons? Do you think they will ever relinquish these toys once they have them?

10. Stricter gun control.
This also seems to be another primary objective behind these staged events. Many Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the 2nd Amendment is outdated and unnecessary. A newly enacted law in California allows the police to take away legal guns. Obama has openly stated gun control is his main focus in this last year of his regime, and he is currently attempting to ram through executive actions aimed at doing just that. It’s almost as if he doesn’t realize criminals don’t care about obeying the law.

11. Justify wider-ranging, intensified surveillance.
This includes our online activities as well as our children in school, who will be increasingly monitored and evaluated biometrically for mental health issues and as potential terrorists.

12. Persuade population to increasingly depend on “government protection.”
People who are afraid will demand to be protected by their government and willingly surrender their privacy and freedom for security, as we have witnessed since 9/11. The Constitutional basis for having guns is to defend ourselves against the government. Doesn’t anyone see the folly in relinquishing both our guns and our freedoms to government control?

13. Outlaw homeschooling.
This issue was raised after the Sandy Hook event, as Adam Lanza was allegedly able to slip under the radar because of mental health issues that rendered him unable to attend school. This led to speculation that warning signs might have been identified by someone at the school, which could have prevented the tragedy. I think it is highly likely that forthcoming federally mandated mental health protocols will require all children to attend government-approved schools so they can be regularly monitored and evaluated by school administrators (which now includes Google).

14. Vilify “conspiracy theorists.”
This is the special role of the corporate media, who attack anyone that questions the official story as being some kind of unhinged nutcase, as in the disturbing case of Professor James. Tracy. Yet, mainstream corporate news does almost no investigative reporting, fails to look into the more dubious aspects of these events and acts essentially as a gatekeeper/mouthpiece for government and law enforcement agencies by colluding with them and parroting press releases and official statements rather than taking an adversarial position, as a free press is obligated to do in a democracy.

15. Control the free flow of ideas and information on the internet.
After each of these mass shooting events, claims that the alleged perpetrators were “inspired by ISIS” or “radicalized on the Internet” are quickly followed with rhetoric about how free speech is dangerous and censorship is the only way to stay safe. This should be an obvious red flag to any thinking person.

16. Establishment of “fusion centers” for multi-agency response capabilities
Recent events including Jade Helm, the “G.I. Joe” cop-killing that turned out to be a hoax and the San Bernardino event all involved multiple law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level working together or “fusing” to create a whole bigger than the parts. This is the first step toward a quasi-military national police force that will have the full capabilities of the FBI, ATF, DHS and NSA. It is also a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the use of a federal military force to perform domestic police functions. Staged events are an opportunity to fine-tune fusion operations and manufacture justification for the permanent establishment of fusion centers in major cities across the U.S. These activities include deployment of sophisticated artificial intelligence software programs initiated by the Pentagon for the rapid distribution of logistic support, which may also be used to monitor us in real time, learn our behaviors and develop defense scenarios in the event of civil unrest.

17. Encourage people to buy guns and ammo.
Although it runs counter to the call for stricter gun control, after every mass shooting event gun sales spike. If this is the intended outcome, what purpose would it serve? To ensure we kill each other? To justify martial law? Over the past seven years, President Obama has been more effective at promoting gun sales than enacting gun control.

Simply believing what the TV new tells you to think or getting all your news from only a handful of corporate media sources means that you know next to nothing. If you think the claim that these mass shootings are staged is absurd, I strongly encourage you to take the time to follow the links I have provided, read the articles and then decide for yourself if these claims have no basis in fact. Don’t let the TV tell you what to think!